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Australian Government Develops Risk Management Policy

July 8, 2014 Posted by Peter Moore No Comments

Overview On July 1st 2014 the Federal Minister for Finance, Mathias Corman announced the release of the Commonwealth Risk Management Policy. The Policy supports the Public Governance and Accountability Act 2013. The Policy contains nine elements designed to improve business performance of government agencies through the application of risk management. This development reinforces the importance of risk management in all organisations and indicates a more mature approach in the application of risk management in doing business (albeit in this case, government business). It also sends a very positive signal to all organisations and demonstrates the maturing of risk management in Australia. Policy at a glance The Policy contains nine elements which are designed to strengthen the practices of Commonwealth entities by encouraging and guiding officials to engage with risk in a positive and transparent way. This is a new approach in managing risk to facilitate innovation and improve service delivery … (read more…)

Risk Consultant Of The Year 2014

October 9, 2014 Posted by Peter Moore 2 Comments

Peter Moore was awarded Risk Consultant Of The Year 2014 at the 10th annual conference of the Risk Management Institution of Australasia (RMIA) in Brisbane in October. He is the inaugural recipient of this award, one given to the risk management consultant demonstrating the highest qualities, skills and attributes in the field of risk management.  The criteria to be met for successfully achieving this award are: – Business outcomes focussed, – Strategic, Operational and Systems thinking, – Communicating and influencing, – Stakeholder focus, – Application of professional risk management knowledge, – Ethical practice, and – Flexibility.   Through this award, Peter will continue to provide the highest level of quality service and advice to Risk Point’s clients.  He will also play an ambassadorial role for the Risk Management Institution of Australia (RMIA) and the field of risk management throughout Australia. Below are the summary comments made by the Chair of … (read more…)

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