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Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) – Can They Be Integrated?

February 13, 2013 Posted by Peter Moore No Comments

Overview There is an emerging trend to incorporate the three related, but different disciplines of Governance, Risk and Compliance. Often the word or acronym “GRC” is used to abbreviate them. This month’s Risk View examines this trend and provides an explanation of the disciplines, the differences between them and the area of commonality.  It addresses issues associated with the notion that they can be put into one discipline or be managed by one role in the organization and highlights some of the dangers, or side-effects in following the GRC path. Governance Corporate governance is “the system by which entities are directed and controlled” (AS 8000 – 2003 Good Governance Principles). Governance is a whole of organization, or whole of business discipline which establishes the means by which the business is operated. This includes compliance to laws, establishing and pursuing objectives and strategies to achieve them, taking risk (pursuing opportunities whilst … (read more…)

Social Media Mismanagement

October 8, 2012 Posted by Peter Moore No Comments

1. Overview Social media is being mismanaged by organisations and businesses.  This Risk View focuses on a recent case whereby Fair Work Australia (FWA) dismissed an employer’s appeal against a decision to reinstate an employee found to be unfairly dismissed for publishing offensive and discriminatory comments against managers in the workplace through social media. It has implications for all businesses that are not prepared in managing the use of social media by its employees, whether it is company sanctioned or not. As a result of this case, you could find as an employer, that dismissing an employee for inappropriate use of social media in their own time could backfire and you may have to reinstate their employment if the use of social media is not managed appropriately. This case highlights the need to be prepared for social media management in your business or organisation. 2. Background to the case Unfair dismissal … (read more…)

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